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What financial options are there?

  • If you go abroad via the TU Berlin, you will automatically receive a mobility scholarship. This covers the entire study costs of the university abroad and also pays a monthly scholarship rate of 300 to 420 euros, depending on the destination country. You can find further information about the scholarship here
  • Otherwise there is the possibility to get additional support. The following links offer a selection of scholarships and scholarship databases 
  • Promos Program
  • AuslandsBAföG Also for students, who are not entitled to receive BAföG in Germany
  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
  • Stipendienlotse
  • For further information on scholarships, please contact the Career Service of the TU Berlin

How can I apply?

  • You can find detailed help concerning the application process here as well as further information on the website Studying Abroad of the Student Mobility
  • All relevant forms can be found here
  • Detailed information about the Learning Agreement can be found here

Where can I apply?

A list of the partner universities of the Faculty VII can be found here

You can apply for both ERASMUS+ and overseas programs

A maximum of 3 applications for different universities are possible at the same time, ordered by priority

More information in the flyers here
You can apply for ERASMUS+ and overseas programs at the same time

When can I apply?

  • It is recommended to start your exchange semester from the 3rd Bachelor Semester or the 1st Master's Semester ongoing. Due to the long lead time of one year, it is therefore important to deal with the topic at an early stage
  • Current application deadlines can be found here (the ERASMUS and overseas programs have different deadlines)
  • The schedule for: Erasmus+ and Overseas
  • Current information about the exchange programs can be found here
  • Remaining places: vacant seats will be announced at the information center in the Campus Center after the regular application procedure. All students can apply for this.

What if I missed the deadlines?

If you have missed a deadline, you should contact the Campus Center. There is the possibility of remaining places at some universities. 

How do I fill out an Learning Agreement?

  • Modules must fit in with your studies; unless you take the module as a free choice
  • Only compulsory modules have to be recognized equivalently, i.e. the topics covered abroad have to correspond to the topics covered at the TU
  • For all elective modules (and Free Choice) it applies that they must fit into the corresponding area of the study program (not equivalent to a module of the TU). Therefore, the foreign module is written in English with the foreign ECTS number in Table B of the Learning Agreement
  • For all modules, the area in which it is to be recognised is written in brackets in Table B
  • Please come to the consultation hours of the international consultancy with the completed form. There all further questions will be clarified and the form will be signed.
  • You need a signed Learning Agreement for your application!
  • If you are not able to take modules abroad at short notice, there is the possibility to adapt the Learning Agreement again. For this purpose, please get in touch again with the international consultancy.
  • If you take modules abroad which you have not approved in the Learning Agreement, there is no guarantee that you will be able to recognise them for your studies.

Can I also receive an Learning Agreement, if I am going overseas?

With a Learning Agreement, students who go abroad via the Erasmus program make a binding commitment with the TU Berlin that these courses will be recognized after completion of the semester abroad

As a special service, we also offer students who participate in an overseas program to conclude a Learning Agreement with us

Thus, even students who do not participate in the Erasmus program are offered the opportunity to receive a binding commitment for their courses

The form for the Learning Agreement can be found here

Can I also organize a stay abroad myself?

  • The preparation of a stay abroad without the TU Berlin is possible. However, this results in a higher organizational effort
  • In addition, you will not recive the Erasmus+ scholarship and have to pay the tuition fees yourself at the foreign university (if necessary)
  • Furthermore, a stay as a so-called "Freemover" is only possible if the TU Berlin does not already have a cooperation with the foreign university
  • Nevertheless, a learning aggrement has to be concluded with the TU Berlin
  • More information can be found here




Where do I find the grade conversion for courses I attended abroad?

You can find the grade conversion table here

How will my grades be credited after my studies abroad?

You can find all relevant information here

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