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Sustainability certificate (12 ECTS)


The certification program offers students the possibility to incorporate an individual focus on sustainability into their regular courses of studies, thus enabling them to acquire the competencies conferred by a higher education program in sustainability. Additionally, the program aims to bring together students within the TU Berlin with a particular interest in sustainability, thus promoting an exchange of ideas beyond the classroom.



Economics and MINE: new study and examination regulations valid from WiSe 2018/19


Subject to the approval of the Berlin Senate Administration, new study and examination regulations are very likely to come into effect from WiSe 18/19 for the Bachelor Economics (new: Volkswirtschaftslehre - VWL) and the Master Industrial and Network Economics (New: Industrial Economics - MInE). The admission and admission regulations for the MInE have also been rewritten. The preliminary version of the orders can be found here (only in German!):

·         new study and examination regulation Bachelor Volkswirtschaftslehre (VWL) (PDF, 101,8 KB)

·         new study and examination regulation Master Industrial Economics (MInE) (PDF, 99,0 KB)

·         new ZZO Master Industrial Economics (MInE) (PDF, 35,1 KB)

For further information please contact the student counseling and service.





In September 2018, the Faculty Administration on 3rd floor of the main building was redesigned.

From now on you will find Dagmar Bauer, advisor of studies and teaching, in room H 3136. All matters of the examination committees Eco / VWL / MInE and NaMa / IMES must also be requested there. The mailbox is located in front of room H 3136.

The student advisors for the programs Eco, Economics, MINE and IMES have also moved and are now in room H 3139.

GKWI moved to the rooms H 3131 - H 3133. 

Of course, the respective e-mail addresses and telephone numbers have not changed!

Online lecture-evaluation at faculty VII

Starting this winter semester 2018/19, the lecture-evaluation will be carried out completely online at faculty VII. The corresponding virtual questionnaires are filled out online by the students directly in the respective course in the last third of the lecture period. This can even be done easily via smartphone. With this change in the course evaluation we would like to meet the increased demands, the resource optimization and the required quality assurance in the age of digitization.

Further interesting information (in german) regarding the evaluation at faculty VII can be found here


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