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Students activities


Following the motto „students help students“, students exchange their experiences on curricular planing, internships and career entry, social commitments and extracurricular activities. Here you can find an overview over such students activities. Further details may be found on the websites of the initiatives.








MTP e.V.





A lot of students of all disciplines related to economics of the TU Berlin get involved in the Fachschaftsteam. The work of the active members is characterized by three essential tasks. The Fachschaftsteam represents the students politically in several committees and beyond. This includes representation in diverse councils of the department and several institutes as well as in several different commissions. Furthermore, the Fachschaftsteam collects old exams and offers a print service during the semester. Also the Fachschaftsteam is the point of reference in many questions of student life and offers help to fellow students concerning all of these issues. Last but not least, the Fachschaftsteam plays an important role in organizing and developing the Orientierungstage for our freshmen.

Homepage: Fachschaftsteams

RCDS TU Berlin e.V.

The abreviation RCDS stands for Ring of christian democratic students. Since 1951 dedicated students of all disciplines have united in a germanywide students association.They are united by the conviction, that the time we spend at university should not be limited to mere studies of our course materials. Therefore they commit themselves to extracurricular activity in diverse areas. The RCDS is the largest and most influential of all political students associations.

Homepage: RCDS

AG Wi-Ing e.V.

The AG Wi-Ing or working group of students of industrial engineering has the goal of improving the quality of studies for students of WiIng, business administration and economics at the TU Berlin. They accompany students through all phases of their studies – from the Freshman Day (Erstsemester Tag) up through their life as alumni. An important factor in determining the quality of education is the proximity to practice, i.e. to the business world. They help students to gain valuable practical experience in numerous projects and workshops involving cooperations with business corporations and diverse research and teaching institutes.

Homepage: AG Wi-Ing.


AIESEC is the largest international students organization with about 700 locals worldwide in over 80 countries. In Germany AIESEC is represented at over 50 universities.

Through intensive international cooperation and joint learning and studying with external partners we enable students worldwide to develop their personalities and to actively participate in shaping our society.

Our worldwide network offers diverse possibilities and opportunities for our interns, co-workers and for businesses, to join our international intern exchange program and to organize activities together.

IAESTE was founded in 1948 and has thus far provided over 300 000 students with the possibility of interning in over 60 countries. IAESTE internships are tailored to fit the needs of engineering and science students, and intend to provide them with a better understanding of the practical uses of their acquired knowledge as well as to allow them to gain insights into the life, culture and ways of thinking of other peoples around the world.


Berliner bonding Studenteninitiative e.V.

bonding students initiative e.V. provides insights into professional life. Lectures, workshops, case studies, excursions and as an annual highlight the bonding-business-contact-fair.

Homepage Berliner bonding Studenteninitiative e.V.

Berliner Börsenkreis e.V.

The Berliner Börsenkreis e.V. is the largest stock association directed by students in Germany and has set itself the mission to cultivate and develop a stockmarket oriented culture. In order to realize this goal, the Berliner Börsenkreis e.V. organizes over 40 diverse meetings on current events surrounding the stock market and financial world every year, with a tradition lasting now nearly 20 years

Homepage: Berliner Börsenkreis e.V.

Company Consulting Team e.V.

The Company Consulting Team e.V. is a students consulting company at the TU Berlin. Students of diverse disciplines have the possibility to apply their knowledge practically before entering into professional life and to thus gain valuable insights. And on top of that, it’s fun!

Homepage: Company Consulting Teams

MTP e.V.

MTP (marketing between theory and practice) e.V. is a unique development platform for future decision makers of the german marketing scene. In a national network of students, alumni, corporations and professors, students are enabled to develop their marketing competencies by self-dependent, committed, creative and practical work.

Homepage: MTP e.V.


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